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The JUGS Football Throwing Machine
"Our goalkeepers see more shots in a twenty-minute drill session with JUGS than they see in ten games"

This impressive machine is highly popular in the USA and is now being utilised increasingly in the home of the game.
Over 600 high school and college football teams make their practices perfect using this football machine. With it, you can "kick" left or right-footed and hook a ball at any arc, speed, or distance up to 80 yards.
Balls can be perfectly fed to your players with a football machine. Because you can easily vary the height, speed, distance, and spin of the balls thrown by the JUGS machine, your players quickly learn how to control the ball with their feet, thighs, or chest.

Players can also greatly improve their one-touch passing techniques because of the different types of passes the machine can make. Goalkeepers can improve skills like: taking high crosses, punching difficult crosses, improving reaction times and diving technique. The consistent and realistic shots from a machine allow all aspects of the game to be focused upon. The Jugs football machine can be easily moved and set up by one person - indoors or outdoors. Just tip the machine and roll it away.

The JUGS machine is 220V mains powered or it can be run from an inverter type petrol generator of suitable rating

JUGS Football throwing machine    £POA

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